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   Appartments Pulić

The house is placed in the oldest part of the old town of Rab called Kaldanac and also under the biggest church tower.
Rab has alltogether four church towers and it's very famous of them.

  • House has two appartments for five persons each.
  • Each appartment has 2 double sleeping rooms, shower wc bathroom, living room with kitchen and dining space.
  • From the 25th to 27th of July every year Medieval annual festival "Rapska fjera" take place in the ancient city centre of Rab "Kaldanac" just in front our house. From your bedroom window you can see the life as it was in the Middle Ages. There are the prince, the judge, the districts council, the nobility, craftsmen and the people artists.
    There are also a traditional knights games of Rab with ceremonial parade and competition of crossbowmen.
  • We also give you some photos of our house and photos of "Rapska fjera"

We are looking forward to see you next year!
To make reservation for the next year, please contact us, at the latest in may, to following phone numbers or e-mail address:

Ines & Igor Pulić
Put Kaldanca bb, 51280 Rab - CROATIA
Tel: ++385 (51) 724-667
GSM: ++385 (0)98 292 257
E-mail: igor.pulic@ri.htnet.hr

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