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   Appartments "Nane"

The apartments "Nane" of Debelić family are located in Banjol on the island of Rab, near the hotel "Padova" and only 100 m from the seacoast.
The proximity of beaches, restaurants and a beautiful promenade along the seacoast on one hand, and the old city centre, a fabulous park and a trade centre on the other will give you the possibility to enjoy pleasant walks.

You won't be needing your car, you can as well park it in our garage; and if you have a boat, you can dock it on our moorings in the little port in front of the old city centre.
If you don't have a boat, your host will be happy to accompany you with his boat to the most beautiful coves and beaches on the island.

  • The Debelić family owns two two-person apartments with the possibility of an additional bed. Each apartment has a terrace, occupying a surface of 49 m2.
  • Each apartment has a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with living room with SAT TV. The entrance to the apartment is from the terrace.

Behind the house you'll find a large green yard with a fireplace, where you can enjoy the shade of the trees and birdsong, prepare a tasty barbecue and rest your soul and body.
Come and see for yourself and we'll be happy to host you!









We would like to inform the guests at the island of Rab that the apartments NANE, family Debelić, have to ofer the additional capacity of two apartments with two rooms that are located at the Frkanj peninsula and nearby the nudist beach Kandarola. ... more ...

Family Debelić - "Nane"
Banjol 152, 51280 Rab - Croatia
Tel: ++385(51)724-441
Fax: ++385(51)777-107
E-mail: frane.debelic@ri.t-com.hr

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