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   Appartments "Nane"

The apartments "Nane" of Debelić family are located in Banjol on the island of Rab, near the hotel "Padova" and only 100 m from the seacoast.
The proximity of beaches, restaurants and a beautiful promenade along the seacoast on one hand, and the old city centre, a fabulous park and a trade centre on the other will give you the possibility to enjoy pleasant walks.

You won't be needing your car, you can as well park it in our garage; and if you have a boat, you can dock it on our moorings in the little port in front of the old city centre.
If you don't have a boat, your host will be happy to accompany you with his boat to the most beautiful coves and beaches on the island.

  • The Debelić family owns two two-person apartments with the possibility of an additional bed. Each apartment has a terrace, occupying a surface of 49 m2.
  • Each apartment has a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with living room with SAT TV. The entrance to the apartment is from the terrace.

Behind the house you'll find a large green yard with a fireplace, where you can enjoy the shade of the trees and birdsong, prepare a tasty barbecue and rest your soul and body.
Come and see for yourself and we'll be happy to host you!

Family Debelić - "Nane"
Banjol 152, 51280 Rab - Croatia
Tel: ++385(51)724-441
Fax: ++385(51)777-107
E-mail: frane.debelic@ri.t-com.hr

Apartmani Nane Apartmani Nane
Apartmani Nane Apartmani Nane
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