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   Appartments Marinella


Marinella Lopar Croatia Rab

You are wrong if you think that to experience the Carribeans you have to set to the far America. You can reach woderful sandy beaches, sunsets, clean sea in silence with us using the recently furnishead comfortable appartments with many additional facilities.

The house is thermoisolated.
A guest is insured for all kinds of accidents in the amount of 20000€.

1) A Mediterranean house with its 1.250 m2 surroundings is situated on a Sandy beach which is appropriate to parents with children, not so experienced swimmers and older people
2) On the ground floor there are appartments, for 2 to 6 persond, completely adjusted to disabled persons
3) All the appartments were luxuriously redecorated in 2003.: comfortable balcony with a sea-view, digital SAT/TV, home appliances, internet link
4) Car-park in the shade, a place for the boat, 10 byciclies, separated grill terrace, toys for your children, air pump
5) There is a catering facility on the sandy beach an many bars nearby
6) Distances: nudist beach 500m, a shop 200m, fish-market 500m, sports entertaining centre 1km, the churc 300m
7) 500 m from the centre of Lopar and 12km from the old town of Rab
8) For visits off-seasson special offers

.. the sun rises at your place, and sets at ours!

Apartmani "Marinella"

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E-mail: marinella@lopar.hr


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