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   Appartments "Nane - Frkanj"

Nane - Frkanj KandarolaDear guests

We would like to inform the guests at the island of Rab that the apartments NANE, family Debelić, have to ofer the additional capacity of two apartments with two rooms that are located at the Frkanj peninsula and nearby the nudist beach Kandarola.

Each apartment consist of two bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, living room and a bathroom.
In front of the apartment there is a large terrace with the seaview and the view of the green pine wood. It is a real place to relax and meditate.
The total surface of the apartment with terrace is 70 m2.

In this part of the island of Rab the light wind will ease the summer heat.
The sounds from the wood and the birds singing create a beautifull concert in the nature.

There is a barbecue place by the house suitable for the prepearing the food and for get together.

The distance to the beaches is 50-100m. The distance to the nudist beach is 100-1500 m.
The distance to the Tourist Settlement Suha Punta is 2500-3500 m and there is a shop for the food supplies here.
The bike trails along the sea will take you to the old town of Rab or to the nature park of the Dundo Woods. The distance to the town of Rab is approx. 5000 m.

In this oasis of the island of Rab the guests that seek for a green nature and the beauty of the natural beaches will spend a very pleasant holiday.

Arrive here and explore the special atmsophere of this part of the island.

We are looking forward to welcome you.

Family Debelić - "Nane"
Banjol 152, 51280 Rab - Croatia
Tel: ++385(51)724-441
Fax: ++385(51)777-107
E-mail: frane.debelic@ri.t-com.hr

Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
Nane - Frkanj Nane - Frkanj
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