Rab is linked to the mainland with good road-ferryboat connections.
To the south, ferryboats on the route Mišnjak - Jablanac (a place 105 km. far from Rijeka) ply 8-20 times a day (even more frequently, if necessary) during the whole year. The journey lasts 15 minutes. From Jablanac roads branch off towards Zagreb, Pula, Ljubljana and Trieste. The internal part of the continent may be reached through the so called "Jozefinska cesta", a road leading from Senj (50 km. far from Rab), through te saddle of Vratnik, Velika, Mala Kapela and Lika, to Karlovac and Zagreb.


Distances (in km) between Rab and the followning cities :
Rijeka 110 Wien 556 Praha 843
Trieste 186 Bratislava 615 Geneve 897
Ljubljana 230 Milano 589 Frankfurt/M 1023
Zagreb 213 Munchen 632 Marseille 1092
San Marino 600 Budapest 561 Madrid 2136
Graz 372 Augsburg 713 Berlin 1218
Roma 847 Zurich 860 Köln 1441
Warszawa 1221 Bruxelles 1412 Barceluna 1546
Poznan 1129 Paris 1428 London 1721

To the north, the island is connected by ferryboats plying on the route Lopar-Senj and Lopar-Baška (Krk) 3 - 8 times a day during the tourist season. "Jadrolinija's" ships connect Rab with Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik several times a week, in both directions, during the whole year.

A coach line connects Rab with Rijeka throughout the whole year and also with Zagreb, in the summer period.

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